Assumptions (A)

Important notes

Twelve years ago the tax treatment of your pension fund was changed.

Prior to 1997, your pension fund was entitled to a tax credit on any tax paid on the income it generated from dividends. The Budget of 1997 removed that tax credit. We soon realised that many savers in pension schemes were unaware of the impact of this tax change and so we developed this tool for our clients to calculate what would be necessary for them to make up the shortfall in their pension funds.

Go to the pensions tax calculator to see an estimate of how your pension has been affected.

Please Note : The Pension Calculator model makes a number of assumptions in order to calculate the impact of the tax changes on the value of your pension pot.

The Pension Calculator will not predict the actual value of your pension. It only estimates the value of your pension pot based on the limited information you are asked to supply and the growth assumptions we have made. The actual value of your pension pot will depend on your circumstances, the investments made by your pension fund manager, their performance and the fees and expenses charged. Another key element of the value of your actual pension is the level of annuity rates at the time you retire.

Please seek investment advice on this and all aspects of your retirement planning. In all cases, you should consult a financial adviser who is authorised by the Financial Services Authority to seek advice about your financial situation and how to plan for your retirement.